1st Danube Financing Dialogue

Vienna, March 22- 23, 2012

One of the actions planned under the EU Strategy for the Danube Region is to “examine the feasibility of a Danube Investment Framework”. In this context, the Coordinator of the Priority Area “Institutional  Capacity and Cooperation” organized on behalf of the European Commission, at Vienna, the first Danube Financing Dialogue.
This meeting aimed to bring together Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) from the whole Danube Region with International Financial Institutions and national funding sources. In this context, there were identified SME investment projects with a volume between 1 to 25 Mio.€ most relevant for the priorities of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region. The priorities are covering a wide range of fields such as transport, energy, culture, environment, technologies, education and security.

The Dialogue provided a platform for stimulating matchmaking of the SME’s financing needs and financing possibilities. As for the SMEs the Danube Financing Dialogue provides a unique opportunity to identify the most suitable financing sources in order to realize their investment project by meeting personally the representatives of international financial institutions.






Project presented on the posters:

AGROPOWER – renewable energy from agricultural raw materials and residues.pdf

Building the Onshore Automobile Ferry Crossing Complex Izmail – Tulcea.pdf

Danube Innovation and Green Business Fund.pdf

Danube River Research And Management – DREAM.pdf

Danube Seaplanes.pdf

Danube Shipwreck Removal Project (DSWR-Project).pdf

Development of the Port of Bechet through infrastructure investments.pdf

Efficient use of EU corridors no 7 and 4 in the multimodal interconnection between Western Europe and the Middle East.pdf

Fostering contribution of the SME sector to sustainable development of the Sava river basin (SAVA-SME).pdf

Genicesk wholesale market.pdf

Green Chemistry Belt.pdf


Increasing capacities of SMEs through a concept of lifelong education and talent attraction.pdf

Knowledge driven start-ups a competitive drive of economies in the Danube region.pdf

Masterplan for the implementation of LNG as fuel and cargo for the Danube.pdf

Miskantus Renewable Source of Energy.pdf

Nano-TAILored anti-cancer drugs.pdf

Pharmaceutical production, processing of medicinal herbs and forest fruits, modern distributive center.pdf

Photovoltaic Romania.pdf

The improved network of the Danube environmental hydraulichydrological data stations.pdf


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