1st International Danube Conference on Culture, Ulm, April 15-16, 2013

The International Danube Conference on Culture wss held within the framework of the development and funding programme of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUDRS) and was organized by the State of Baden-Württemberg in cooperation with the European Danube Academy Ulm.


To achieve our aim of an international network of arts, culture and politics in the Southeast European region, the event gathered cultural policy delegates as well as representatives of arts and cultural mediation and created a dialogue in order to exchange experiences involving cultural work in the Danube adjacent states, to introduce implemented projects, to discuss questions of cultural policy and to vitalize the chances of our region of a wide cultural diversity by multinational cooperation.
Apart from speeches (made a.o. by Ilma Rakusa, Dr. Erhard Busek, Prof. Jean-Baptiste Joly, Dr. Márton Méhes), the following workshops were presented:

  1. “Unity in Diversity” – Cultural identity in the Danube region
  2. Art and cultural networking along the Danube
  3. Culture and Civil Society in the Danube region.

Ulm Declaration: EnglishGerman

Brochure of the conference

Pressemitteilung – Ministerium Für Wissenschaft, Forschung Und Kunst

Pressemitteilung – Wir bauen das “Europäische Haus der Donau-Kulturen”

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