3rd Meeting of the Steering Group PA 1 A

Bratislava, May 3- 4, 2012

The background of the meeting held in Bratislava was given by the letter sent by the Commissioner for Regional Policy Johannes Hahn on 27th of February 2012 to the Ministers of Transport of all Danube riparian countries, inviting them to provide the Commission with an analysis of the low-water period in 2011 and to identify possible short- and medium-term measures for effective waterway management.
Present at the meeting, Commissioner Hahn underlined the necessity of improving the waterway maintenance on the Danube in the wake of the low-water period of 2011 which severely affected Danube navigation.
The second day was dedicated on the one hand to the discussion and approval of a Letter of Recommendation for selected projects and on the other to the presentation of the draft Road Map for the implementation of actions identified for PA 1a in the EUSDR’s Action Plan. The discussed topics, also related to:

  •  Improvement of waterway maintenance.
  • Report on analysis of waterway maintenance during the low-water period of 2011.
  • Reports by country representatives on possible short-term measures for effective waterway maintenance and immediate steps to be taken.

Presentation of labelling criteria and projects to possibly receive a “Letter of Recommendation





Danube Navigation – A Priority of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region

Priority Area 1a – To improve mobility and multimodality: Inland waterways

2nd Meeting of the Steering Group for Priority Area 1a of the EUSDR


2nd Meeting of the Working Groups for Priority Area 1a of the EUSDR Minutes

Criteria for Project Labelling

Road Mapfor the implementation ofPriority Area 1a on inland waterwaysof the EU Danube Region Strategy

Project Data Sheets:

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  • 03
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