7th European Conference of CODCR, 26 October 2013

646x404Monday 28 October

The conference discussed the development of a strong, economical and cultural connected European macro-region along the Danube, through a broad mobilization of the economy, science, the media and civil society as a whole within the Danube region, with the local and regional level playing a central role.

The event was organised by the CODCR together with Bucharest Municipality, under the patronage of  the European Commission – DG Regio. Present at the event were General Mayor of Bucharest – Sorin Oprescu, Lord Mayor of Ulm and President of CODCR – Ivo Gonner, Mayor of Regensburg – Hans Schaidinger, Coordinator of PA10 of EUSDR – Kurt Puchinger, Minister of European Affairs of Baden-Wuerttember – Peter Friedrich, other mayors members of CODCR and invited guests from European bodies.

“Cities are the powerful engine of European development. Danube cities in particular, working together as a strong team inside the CODCR, represent the backbone of the Danube Strategy. Only together we can implement common development projects tha will help to minimize the economic and social gap between different regions along the Danube” said mayor Oprescu in his speech.


Moreover, mayor Gonner emphasized the fact the contribution of local and regional authorities is crucial for the successful implementation of the Danube Strategy and also that the Council’s meetings are meant to bring closer together the cities and regions of the Danube region.

Our objective is to improve the infrastructure, the environment and also the quality of life of all European citizens. It is a transparent and open process, because the civil society is an important part of this process. Moreover, we need stability and continuity in the public administration as, unfortunately, political changes bring also administrative changes that weakens the efficiency of the local and regional authorities and slows the development process” said Gonner. Mayor Gonner also underlined the importance for local authorities to have experts who are independent from the political point of view and that will help at local and regional level with the implementation of the Strategy. “We would like to have specialists that are trained in the implementation of the Danube Strategy, at all level. Therefore, from next year the Council will implement a European Program to train Danube Experts for local and regional authorities.”

DSC_0488During the conference was adopted the “Bucharest Statement of the 7th Conference of the Danube Cities and Regions”

Agenda of the Conference, click here.

Conference poster, click here

Venue: International Conference Centre (ICC)
National Museum of Contemporary Art. – Strada Izvor 2-4, Bucharest 050563.
For directions to the venue, please click here.



Closed Event – Meeting of the Committee and Executive Office of the Council of Danube Cities and Regions


Sunday 27 October


Attendance by invitation only

Prior to the opening of the 2nd Annual Forum of EUSDR, the Council of Danube Cities and Regions (CODCR) has organised the Meeting of the Committee and Executive Office at Haus der Donau – Bukarest, home for the General Secretariat of CODCR.

During the meeting, the President of the CODCR handed over to General Mayor Sorin Oprescu the diploma of “Honorary Citizen of the Danube Region”, for his contribution for the development and promotion of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region.



For a detailed agenda of the event, please click here
Venue: Haus der Donau Bucharest
1-3 Nicolae Iorga Street, District 1, Bucharest – 010431.
For directions, please click here.
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