Alba Iulia Business Forum – Smart & Sustainable Cities and Regions


May 16-18, 2011

The Alba Iulia Business Forum was part of a series of events dedicated to the implementation of the Action Plan of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region, focused on the European Technological Platforms in order to have quick access to European financing in view of identifying priority projects and strategic partnerships in rural and urban areas.

The event was dedicated to the business sector of the two development regions of Romania (Center and North-West), representatives of the civil society, Federations and Unions from the targeted business sectors. National Coordinators of the European Union Strategy for the Danube Region, Priority Area Coordinators and representatives of the European Commission were invited within the opening session.

Teodor Baconschi
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania

We are just before the adoption of the Danube Strategy by the European Council on 24 June. We are heading straight into the final stage of preparations to start implementing the specific programmes. We have the European Commission’s Communication and the Action Plan, as well as the necessary political will to rapidly start implementing the projects.Alongside Austria, Bulgaria and Hungary, we coordinate today several priority areas: 1 – waterways, 3 – culture and tourism, 5 – environmental risk management. Our institutions should be ready to participate in these structures first of all. That is particularly true of the ministries having direct coordination tasks: the MFA, Transports and Infrastructure, Regional Development and Tourism, Environment and Forests, Culture and National Heritage, which have a huge responsibility. I hope this unique opportunity for Romania will not be missed.


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2011.04.10 – Adevarul – A new growth model for Central Europe
2011.04.10 – Adevarul – Un nou model de dezvoltare pentru Europa Centrala2011.05.13 – Adevarul – EU Strategy for the Danube Region, discussed in Alba Iulia. Minister Baconschi is attending the event
2011.05.13 – Adevarul – Strategia UE privind Regiunea Dunarii, dezbatuta la Alba Iulia2011.05.17 – Adevarul de seara – Future projects of the Danube Strategy were discussed in Alba Iulia
2011.05.17 – Adevarul de seara – Viitoarele proiecte ale Strategiei Dunarii discutate la Alba Iulia2011.05.17 – Adevarul – How can we “absorb” money with the help of the Danube Strategy?
2011.05.17 – Adevarul – Cum putem absorbi bani prin Strategia Dunarii2011.05.17 – Adevarul – Minister Teodor Baconschi in Alba Iulia: “The Danube Strategy is a unique opportunity for the regional development in Romania”
2011.05.17 – Adevarul – Teodor Baconschi – Strategia Dunarii este o oportunitate unica

2011.05.18 – Adevarul – How to Make Money with the Danube Strategy
2011.06.18 – Adevarul – Cum să faci bani cu Strategia Dunarii

2011.05.19 – Adevarul – Johannes Eigner, coordinator of the Danube Strategy: “The Austrians do a roaring business in the Danube area”
2011.05.19 – Adevarul – Johannes Eigner, Austriecii fac cele mai bune afaceri in spatiul dunarean

2011.05.23 – Adevarul – Successful examples of the Danube Strategy
2011.05.23 – Adevarul – Exemple de succes ale Strategiei Dunarii

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