Education, Youth & Sports

By investing in people and making best use of its human capital, the Danube Region can progress and grow in a smart and inclusive way. To arrive at a knowledge based and inclusive growth it requires empowering people through high levels of employment, investing in skills, fighting poverty and modernizing labour markets, training and social protection systems. Stronger joint efforts are needed to enhance performance by shared European benchmarks in education and training.The Council of Danube Cities and regions is committed to education for sustainable development and building peoples’ capacities to address environmental, social, cultural and economic opportunities. Providing people with practical training and knowledge makes it possible for us all to make choices that can enhance our well-being, as well as the well-being of future generations.

Through its actions in the education field, the Council will bring together experts from national ministries and agencies, academic institutions, international and regional organizations, NGOs, local networks and more, in order to coordinate goals and activities across national borders and work to integrate education for sustainability into other sectors.The central goal of the Council is to ensure that people in the Danube Region have the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values needed to contribute actively towards sustainable development. Taking an integrated and holistic approach to this process, we aim to support teachers, learners and policy makers in building their competencies. By serving as a forum for discussion and cooperation on education issues, we endeavor to increase peoples’ understanding of education for regional sustainability and their ability to participate in it.