The CODCR’s Energy Action Plan is based on the Action Plan for the CODCR organization as a whole.

From a broad perspective, the overall aim of the Energy Action plan is to break down the energy issues to a local level and point out a few focus areas where the Energy Commission can have great impact. The energy system rather than individual sources shall be looked after, and then introduce this to the municipalities.


To boil down the EU-level and national level energy issues to a local level

  • To raise awareness about projects and to take practical use from experience exchanges in projects within the CODCR network
  • Promote municipalities to use great examples to become more energy efficient
  • To bring science and university knowledge closer to the municipal/local level


Focus areas

  • Reduction of greenhouse gases related to the energy sector
  • Energy efficiency programs
  • Higher self sufficiency and local energy production

Action Plan – an implementation

  • Organizing commission meeting and workshops two times per year. This is a central arena where all cities should be invited to give their input to the work of the commission.
  • Interactive meetings and cooperation in order to reduce the carbon footprint.
  • Initiate and promote good project ideas.
  • Organize meeting with the competence board to narrow the gap between the university knowledge and the work in the municipalities.
  • Dissemination regarding Energy perspectives for the Danube Region.