The Council will develop an Action Plan dedicated to the environment in the Danube Region, which is essential for this ecologically rich and often fragile region, in order to ensure that progress on environmental actions and projects can be closely monitored. This plan will be in line with the EU Strategy for the Danube Region and will concentrate on three priority areas:

  • To restore and maintain the quality of waters
  • To manage environmental risks
  • To preserve biodiversity, landscapes and the quality of air and soil

The Council will promote continuous dialogue among the member cities and regions on how to make the Danube region more sustainable. Increasing exchange of information either by meeting colleagues from other cities or learning from each other through variety of CODCR projects will be some of the practical ways of helping the member cities in their work towards sustainability.In order to spread the good practices and other environmental news from the member cities the Council will publish the Danube Region Environmental Bulletin, which, together with the website and the commission meetings shall be the main channels of communication of the Commission on Environment.