Knowledge, Innovation, Competitiveness & Clusters Networks

The work of the Council in this field should focus on innovation, information society, competitiveness of enterprises and labour markets. The overall objective is to improve the prosperity of the Danube Region.A society’s ability to create and exploit knowledge is a key factor for progress and growth. A society based on knowledge needs competitive research and education infrastructure, innovation supporting and facilitating institutions, and high performing information and communication technologies. The application of information and communication technology may particularly advance growth in the Danube Region.

The private and public sectors could progress rapidly, to provide services more effectively and efficiently, for example through e-government, e-business, e-education and e-health, or through intelligent co-modal use of transport infrastructure supported by technologies such as river information service systems or e-freight. There could be much improved information and knowledge exchange between business, academia, administration and citizens.


Long term, transnational cooperation networks between innovation and business supporting institutions need to be developed for the different sectors. The development of clusters and centres of excellence should be fostered and cluster cooperation across borders and across sectors should be facilitated. To improve the conditions for enterprises, especially SMEs, the institutional capacities of business support agencies and industry associations should be strengthened throughout the Region.

A good example of cluster cooperation in this field is the Danube Media Network project (DaMe Network), that will promote the ideas and plans of the Danube Strategy, and the values of the entire Danube Region, within the Region and worldwide, particularly aiming at the rest of the European Union.

Danube Media Network

There is currently no organization which could coordinate the cooperation between media institutions of Danube region and no media strategy for the promotion of the Region.

The disproportion in the development of media systems in upper Danube and lower Danube countries could result in different interpretations of the objectives of the Danube Strategy, and ultimately, further intensification of differences in social development.

The participants of the Conference in Novi Sad support the initiative for founding the Danube Media Network. The primary objectives of the Danube Media Network are: strengthening cooperation, understanding, and coordination among states in the Region, promoting economic, cultural and other values of the Danube Region to the entire world, as well as spreading the European spirit, standards of behavior, and unity in the Region.

The accomplishment of these objectives is meant to contribute to the improvement of the quality of living in the Region, as well as economic and cultural development, strengthening of democratic relations, peace and safety.

Instruments to achieve DaMe objectives:

  • Creating media strategy for the presentation of the Region;
  • Creating a system for exchanging programs and other information between RTV and other media institutions;
  • Developing cooperation between media centers;
  • Enhancing cooperation and the flow of information between various parts of the Region;
  • Developing regional and local RTV studios and other media institutions.