Tourism & Culture

The areas of developing tourism, tourism infrastructure and improving tourism services, cultural heritage and intercultural dialogue are typically inter-related topics. They benefit particularly from the integrated approach the EU Strategy for the Danube Region brings.

The Council of Danube Cities and Regions will actively support multinational actions that can be carried out while respecting the principle of subsidiary and the competence of the Member States in the field of tourism and cultural heritage:

  • Promoting diversification of the supply of tourist services
  • Developing innovation in the tourism industry
  • Improving professional skills
  • Encouraging an extension of the tourist season
  • Consolidating the socioeconomic knowledge base for tourism
  • Responsible use of natural resources, use of ‘clean’ energy, protection of the heritage and preservation of the natural and cultural integrity of destinations, quality and sustainability of jobs created, local economic fallout or customer care.
  • Making Danube destinations more attractive and raising their profile through promoting Danube Region’s supply of tourist services in European and world markets, promoting the profile of various multinational products, encouraging the capitalization to a greater extent on major cultural and sporting events.
  • Ensuring better integration of tourism into European policies and the proper application of the legislation in force releases the sector’s full competitive potential: transport policy, competition, the internal market, taxation, consumer protection, the environment, employment and training, culture or regional and rural development policy.