The CODCR’s Transport Commission will focus on different aspects of municipal traffic planning and will get involved in a number of transport-related issues connected with public transport, cycling, road safety and mobility management. The main areas of interest for the CODCR’s Transport Commission will be as follows:

  • 1. Public transport in cities and regions:
  • Urban transport policy
  • Integration of public transport of metropolitan areas with regional transportation system
  • Development of cycling routes and habits
  • Road safety
  • 2. International transport in the Danube region
  • Logistics centers
  • Development of river ports and their interaction with cities and regions
  • International transport corridors
  • Development of regional airports and their links with city centers
  • 3. Sustainable development and transport policy:
  • Instruments of regional and transport development
  • Promoting better transport solutions for environment and citizens
  • Transport in tourism development
  • Policy of financing transport development