Bucharest Business Forum – Action Plans 2011-2013 Flagship Projects

World Trade Center, BUCHAREST

October 18-20, 2010

Bucharest Business Forum marked the beginning of a series of events dedicated to extending the networks for key business areas which are developed in the Danube Region under the third pillar – social and economic development, namely in the sectors of Regional Development and Tourism, Culture and Education, Agro – allied, Healthcare Systems, ITC and Innovation, Fashion Industries.

The Forum was dedicated to the policy makers and business developers, National Coordinators and Government Institutions from the 14 riparian states, together with NGOs, Federations and Unions from the targeted business sectors. The dialogue between the participants focused on the European Technological Platforms in order to propose to the Commission the most suitable governance instruments for the Danube region in order to have quick access to European financing.

Teodor Baconschi
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania
The most prestigious project of our times – the European Union Strategy for the Danube Region – enjoyed from its beginning the involvement of all stakeholders in elaborating the vision for a more prosperous and dynamic region. The most efficient approach to benefit of the potential of the Danube Region is to combine the present forms of institutional co-operations with partnerships with local communities. We do require a private-public partnership with the civil society. Furthermore, we are ready to develop concrete projects focusing on concrete targets such as: to double the volume of goods transported on the Danube River within a 10 years frame, update road infrastructure and intermodal transport system, improve navigation, develop economic relations and promote integrated sectorial development. Together we decided to pay more attention to eco-systems and natural habitats and to offer to the 100 million people from the Danube basin the pride of belonging to this region.


Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Heinz Trasch
Chairman of the Board of Directors,
Steinbeis Foundation
The Danube Alliance – Paving the Road to the Knowledge SocietyThe value-added chain of products, processes and services usually starts with generation of knowledge. From this knowledge potential emerge business ideas and the resulting products could lead to economical success, to innovation as it were. Due to utilization of converging technologies and due to permanent expanding markets enterprises can only cope successfully with the economical challenges by contracting strategic partnerships, like co-operations, networks or clusters, to realize their commercial interests. In this process the parties have to define distinct objectives and have to make sure of the adherence of moral standards.
The Danube Strategy established by the European Union is using this promising knowledge in economy to enhance the importance of the Danube region. The attractiveness lies in the free arrangement of projects with partners from economy, science and culture. The participating neighboring countries could stronger link their cross-border economical, scientific, cultural and social potential to take advantage of added value for lasting enhancement of their quality of live.


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