Education Commission

A new impetus for European cooperation in Vocational Education and Training to support the Europe 2020 strategyEurope 2020 Strategy underlines that the quality of human capital is crucial for Europe’s success and therefore reinforces the attractiveness of vocational education and training (VET) and maps out its potential with respect to the Flagship Initiatives “An Agenda for new skills and jobs” and “Youth on the Move”, including its Youth employment framework.

VET must play a dual role: as a tool to help meet Europe’s immediate and future skills needs; and in parallel, to reduce the social impact of and facilitate recovery from crisis.

Vocational Education and Training in Europe by 2020 should contribute to both excellence and equity in EU lifelong learning systems and thereby to the Europe 2020 objectives of smart and inclusive growth, with:

  • Initial vocational education and training (IVET) as an attractive learning option with high relevance to labour market needs and pathways to higher education;

  • Easily accessible Continuing vocational education and training (CVET) for people in different life situations facilitating skill development and career changes;
  • Flexible systems based on the recognition of learning outcomes, including diplomas, and supporting individual learning pathways;
  • Adequate support for those at a disadvantage;
  • Cross-border mobility as an integral part of VET practices.

The CODCR will establish an Education Commission, with the main aims:

  • to offer the member cities good possibilities for exchange of experiences,
  • to bring up new initiatives for joint EU-projects on competence improvement.

Moreover, the Commission should deal with the following main fields of concrete activities:

  • 1. Exchange of pupils and students
  • 2. Distance education projects
  • 3. Other adult education projects