Energy Commission

The energy challenge is one of the greatest tests faced by Europe today. Rising energy prices and increasing dependence on energy imports jeopardise our security and our competitiveness. Key decisions have to be taken to reduce drastically our emissions and fight climate change.

The CODCR’s Energy Commission will establish a framework for energy policy based around five pillars of action.

  • 1. Achieving an energy-efficient Europe;
  • 2. Building a truly pan-European integrated energy market;
  • 3. Empowering consumers and achieving the highest level of safety and security;
  • 4. Extending Europe’s leadership in energy technology and innovation;
  • 5. Strengthening the external dimension of the EU energy market

The Energy Commision will raise awareness about projects and take practical use from experience exchanges in projects within the CODCR network and promote municipalities to use great examples to get more energy efficient. Our strength is our great contacts with universities where we can bring science and university knowledge closer to the municipal/local level.