Tourism & Culture Commission

The Danube region is characterized by a broad heritage of dense and diverse histories, cultures, ethnicities, religions, markets, societies and states. Culture can promote values of inclusiveness, openness, and acceptance of the other based on mutual respect. It can reinforce socioeconomic development by strengthening of regional cooperation and intercultural dialogue while ensuring sustainability and joint action.
Related at least in part to culture and heritage, tourism is making an increasingly significant contribution to growth in the region. Sustainability should overall be an important criterion in developing tourism in the region. Project-oriented cooperation should act as a catalyst for exchange and close collaboration between neighbors in the region, especially on cultural and heritage matters. 

The CODCR’s Tourism and Culture Commission will be established in order to facilitate the tourism development potential in the whole Danube region through the development of joint touristic products and promotional policy. Actions to be taken shall include:

  • To develop the Danube region as an European brand;
  • To establish the Danube region as an important European tourist destination;
  • To further develop the navigation and port system for Danube river cruise ships and private yachts;
  • To improve planning and infrastructure for tourism;
  • To support the improvement of quality of tourism products;
  • To improve sustainable tourism;
  • To promote wellness tourism in the region;
  • To promote cultural exchange and exchange in the arts;
  • To organize joint (cultural) events, festivals, scholarship programmes;
  • To establish a network of ‘creative forces’ which includes actors in the artistic field. This network can build on the experience of the various festivals in the Danube Region;
  • To enhance cooperation and contacts between people of different origins, to encourage creativity, and provide a driving force for cultural innovation and economic development, based on heritage, traditions and tourism.