Urban Commission

The Urban Commission shall promote interaction and cooperation between Danube Region cities and towns in the field of urban planning and construction.

The Commission aims to increase the awareness of the issues facing urban planning, construction and architecture among CODCR member cities.

To support these aims, the Commission will create a network of town planners, master planners, regional planners, architects, civil engineers and other professionals committed to improving the quality of life in the Danube Region cities.

Commission goals

  • Sustainable development in different fields of sustainability in Danube Region’s cities and regions
  • Attractive Danube Region’s cities
  • Better quality of life in Danube Region’s cities
  • Positive economic development by initiating dialogue between city residents, the private sector and the public sector
  • Sustainable development in Danube Region’s cities and regions
  • Planning and construction that reflects the socio-economic, cultural and political life of the cities is a tool to achieve these goals.

Commission Themes & Issues

The Urban Commission will approach a range of urban planning issues relating to both public and private domains.

Infrastructure and Commerce

  • Inner city redevelopment
  • Pedestrian-friendly city centers
  • Better possibilities for public transportation
  • New shopping centers and business areas

Life and Cultural Heritage

  • Public space and its furniture
  • Cultural heritage in planning
  • City waterfronts
  • Diversity of urban lifestyles
  • New housing developments
  • Renovation of residential areas, especially those built with concrete panels
  • Redeveloping old ports, industrial, storage and military areas (so called brown field areas) for residential and commercial use

Public Facilities

  • Service facilities such as child day-care, schools and services for the elderly
  • Parks and recreation areas

Technical Facilities and Transportation

  • Energy management
  • Water supply and waste water management
  • Traffic systems and flows
  • Road, street, square and marketplace planning

Planning Methods

  • Strategic planning
  • Territorial planning
  • Legislative issues