Youth Commission

The tasks of the Commission will be to promote youth co-operation in the Danube Region and to work towards youth involvement, youth exchange and youth participation in the CODCR member cities and regions.The commission should build upon existing youth networks of local youth structures as well as upon one youth organisation as a contact point in each member city. The network co-operates closely together with the CODCR Secretariat for Youth Affairs, which is to become a consultative body for the network, as well as with the CODCR General Secretariat.

The Commission will consist of young people as well as civil servants and politicians dealing with youth issues on the local level. Existing youth networks of the Danube Region will be taken into account. The Commission will monitor the agenda of CODCR from a youth perspective.



  • Create a working group and a youth contact net within the Network on youth issues
  • Lobby towards nomination of a youth contact officer in every CODCR member city or region.
  • Co-operate with the CODCR Secretariat for Youth affairs in getting an overview of the activities of the local organisations in CODCR member cities and regions.
  • Monitor the agenda and documents of the CODCR from a Youth point of view

A CODCR Youth Conference

The Council shall organize an annual conference with the main focus on questions important for young people of the Danube Region. The Conference will represents a forum for young people of the CODCR member cities and regions as well as other cities willing to join in, to exchange experiences, finding partners and discuss common issues such as youth participation, EU and Danube Region- cooperation and youth influence on local levels. The conference will be organised with regard to the CODCR General Conference.