Dialogue with the Citizens

Communication – an essential tool for a successful implementation of EUSDR

Why do we need a proper communication strategy? – There are many challenges facing the implementation phase of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region. Effective communications are a vital tool for those whose task it is to overcome the challenges. In particular, effective communications can help to ensure that all stakeholders who could potentially contribute to management initiatives, or who are potentially affected by them, are aware of relevant issues, and have the opportunity to put their concerns into action.

A communication strategy helps us to improve co-operation activities that will generate a sustainable effect, not only at the political level, but also for the economy and society at large, and thus to give life to the Danube Region concept.

In this context, two major events debated the topic of communication and its role in ensuring a successful implementation of the EUSDR:

1st Conference Media Platform “Danube Dialogue” held in Vienna on September 21, was opened by the Commissioner for Regional Policy, Johannes Hahn and gathered professionals from the media, the local and regional authorities and the academic sector. Parallel workshops were organized being centered on: Encouraging information search and exchange – ‘More than crossing bridges’, Supporting communication in the Danube Region – ‘Putting things together’ and Webradio, blogs & social media – ‘The young digital Danube Region’.

The conference START ME UP took place on September 24-25, in Vienna, and brought into discussion communication strategies and mobilisation measures that can turn the EU Danube Region Strategy into an initiative with broad public support. The suggestions, exchange of ideas, and outcomes of the Conference were meant to stimulate activities by the Cities and Regions, but also by other stakeholders.

The general objective of these initiatives was to ensure appropriate public information about the EU Strategy for the Danube Region, namely about the co-operation objectives, activities and accomplishments in order to enhance public participation in management activities. This will help to create the basis for the effective implementation of activities covering the priority areas mention in the Action Plan of the Strategy, at the local, regional, national and macro-regional levels.

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