Donau Fest 2012

Ulm – Neu Ulm, July 6-15, 2012

“Departure and Encounter”

2012 is the 300th anniversary of the “Departure down the Danube”. The first of the “Ulmer Schachtel” boats filled with emigrants set off downstream in 1712. The symbols of this departure, which will be reflected in the Danube Festival 2012, are still visible to this day at their destinations in Romania, southern Hungary and Serbia (Banat, Batschka, Sathmar).

The Danube Region is a symbol of Europe’s successful reunification after the fall of the Iron Curtain and embodies like no other European region the potential and richness of peaceful unity in diversity. Old and new friends and guests are invited to the International Danube Festival every two years: a festival of encounters, in which strangers become friends and the unusual becomes familiar. A festival that can make Europe tangible in Ulm and Neu-Ulm. This European festival has been a meeting place since 1998 for artists, politicians and scientists from all ten Danube countries to exchange ideas and experiences. And for dialogue with a constantly growing audience.

The Danube Festival this year also includes an extensive exciting program about music, literature and culture of the Danube. The performances will be musical acts, lectures, hands-on activities for the whole family, conferences, the market of the Danube cities and much more …

1st Danube Health ConferenceMeeting of Committee and Executive Office of the Council of Danube Cities and RegionsCommunal politics along the Danube

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