Empowering & Partnership in the Danube Macro-Region – Bucharest-Romania, 24 September 2015

The EUSDR European Coordinator, Mr. Marco ONIDA (Head of Unit, DG REGIO), on the behalf of the European Commission and with the support of the Senate of Romania and of the Romanian Academy, has held a new Reunion of the Working Groups established by CLDR Romania and of other related Danube stakeholders.

The event has been co-chaired by Senator Octavian MOTOC, Member of the European Affairs Committee of the Senate of Romania, and enjoyed the presence of the MPs Group of the national Parliaments and of the European Parliament in favor of EUSDR implementation.

Among the special guests:

– CoDCR General Coordinator – Mr Peter LANGER

– Resident Representative European Investment Bank – Mr Flavio SCHIAVO CAMPO

– EUSDR National Coordinator Department (Ministry of Foreign Affars) – Dr. Valentin PANAIT

– EUSDR PA 3 Coordinator (Ministry of Regional Development) – Dr. Teofil GHERCA

 The main goal was to promote the involvement of the young generation in as much as possible Danubian projects and business. The event combined information and training presentations aimed to instruct and select the young experts’ groups at sub-regional level (Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia) regarding the establishing of multinational consortia of partners  and the implementation of future projects under the aegis of EUSDR with a focus on a better valuation of the natural, economic, social and human capital.

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