GlobalConnect – A forum for international contacts and investments

STUTTGART, October 26-27, 2010

GlobalConnect: Meeting place for export business

The most important organisations and facilities in German international trade are supporting the trade fair and conference platform GlobalConnect, which will take place on 26 and 27 October 2010 in Stuttgart. The event, which is organised by Landesmesse Stuttgart and which attracted approximately 2800 visitors at its premiere in 2008, will host high-quality conferences and introduce innovative service concepts from numerous companies and businesses from throughout Germany. These companies want to give new impetus to international trade, in particular to medium-sized businesses, and therefore contribute to conquering global growth markets.

“The innovative concept of GlobalConnect was already well-received at the debut event two years ago. Now the event can help companies to find their feet again in foreign markets after the economic crisis”, stated Ulrich Kromer, Managing Director of Messe Stuttgart, while emphasising the aim of GlobalConnect. “GlobalConnect is an ideal platform for service providers and business developers to approach decision-makers in exporting companies with new service offers. Nowhere else in Germany are the providers and networks for successful international activities so comprehensive and diverse than at GlobalConnect.”

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Reinhart MdL
Minister of Federal, European
and International Affairs

A core focus of my activities as Minister for European and International Affairs is the countries in Central and Eastern Europe, and here in particular South-East Europe. At the moment the Danube region is a really strong part of Europe!

Baden-Württemberg initiated this EU Strategy for the Danube Region based on the need for the EU to focus more on the entire Danube region in the future. With this strategy Baden-Württemberg hopes to gain a consolidation of the small and medium-sized economy in the Danube region, which will result in lots of new cooperative venture opportunities and possibilities in these countries for Baden-Württemberg.
A further objective is the creation of synergies also through associations in the areas of science, research and education. Excellent conditions are also offered to small and medium-sized companies with our dual education system and our practice-oriented innovative approach in science.
The defined development and expansion of strong infrastructure is likewise very advantageous as a part of the strategy.
Last but not least, it is also about strengthening a common cultural identity in the Danube region. Here there are countless historic links and similarities, which often have to be rediscovered and uncovered again.

Mr. Ernst Pfister
Member of the Baden-Württemberg
State Parliament
Baden-Württemberg Minister
of Economic Affairs
Exports are booming again – to such an extent that they are now the driving force behind the economy of Germany and Baden-Wurttemberg. The validity of this statement is borne out by the latest economic data. The economy is booming thanks to strong demand from abroad.
The German and Baden-Württemberg export industry will also benefit from the still rapidly growing level of world trade in the future.
However, export success cannot be taken for granted! Anyone who thinks this is in a dangerously positive mood. There is a greater need to maintain the status quo and extend one’s own position. Every company must therefore continuously acquire information about current developments on foreign markets, realign its strategy and also change its way of thinking.



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