Meeting of the Working Group 1 of PA 10

Ljubljana, February 17, 2012

On February 17, 2012 the Center of Excelence in Finance  (CEF) hosted in Ljubljana the first meeting of the Working Group on Institutional Capacity. The participants from Danube region countries were mainly representatives of national and regional public administration training institutions. They presented and compared their approaches to institutional capacity development and reflected on ways to improve it through enhanced regional cooperation.

The discussed topics related to:

  • Creating  an understanding of the added-value of the EUSDR and the added-value of participating in the Working Group. Explain the expectations to the WG members.
  • Getting the same understanding of the action and its objectives.
  • Summarizing resources within the working group (professional background, relation to the WG / actions, contribution to the WG and expectations).
  • Presenting CEF‘s understanding of capacity and capacity development.
  • Reviewing existing programs and approaches to capacity development in Danube region countries.
  • Discussing and examining synergies among public administration training institutions and their programs. Identifying gaps and possible ways of bridging the gaps.
  • Developing and agreeing on an action plan of the WG (milestones, timing, and responsibilities).
  • Summarizing what it was achieved, open issues and ways of dealing with it.

Discussions and findings of the working group will also be presented at the NISPAcee Annual Conference that will take place in Ohrid (Macedonia) from May 23 – 26, 2012.



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