Meeting of Transport Coordinators of the all four EU macro-regional strategies – Ljubljana-Slovenia, 14-15 March 2017

Taking into account that transport issues are at heart of all four EU macro-regional strategies and they connect not only countries within one macro-region but also countries across macro-regions, Interact III was calling for a Joint meeting of Transport Coordinators (water and land) of the all four EU macro-regional strategies.

The meeting followed up on the discussion in the High Level Group for Macro-regional strategies (held on 30 May 2016) and has been supported by National Coordinators for the EUSBSR of Lithuania and Sweden and National Coordinator for the EUSDR, EUSAIR and EUSALP of Slovenia.

This meeting was inviting Coordinators of Transport theme, priority, action or pillar from all four macro-regional strategies to exchange practices and experiences in implementation of their tasks. Additionally, the meeting aimed at providing general overview on the state of play in implementation of the transport priorities, identifying and addressing shared challenges that hamper smooth implementation of the respective actions and would require to be addressed in a coordinated way. Participants of the meeting have been invited for an open dialogue on the daily implementation issues as well as on exchanging visions for future work.

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