Who can become a member?

In joining the Association, Members undertake to pursue in their work for the Association only the interests of the European Strategy for the Danube Region even if their organization or national association has a broader scope.

  • Conditions for Membership

The following may become members of the Council:

a) As Full Members, Cities and Regions of the 14 riparian states as well as other European regions under the condition that they respect the basic fundamental principles of the rules of law.

b) Groups of Cities and Regions within a State may also become full members, unless all members of such a group already belong to the Council on an individual basis.

c) As Consultative Members: the founding organizations of the Council, the Interregional Associations of the Danube Cities and Regions who so desire.

d) As Observers: territorial entities which are in the process of regionalization, European Danube Cities and Regions or regional associations, non-European Danube Cities and Regions or associations of Cities and Regions who so desire, for a limited time.

e) Modalities are fixed by the Rules of Procedure.

The term City designates an urban unit (a “human institution” for the UN) extended and highly populated in which the most human activities are focused: habitat, trade, industry, education, politics, culture. The principles governing the structure and organization of the city are studied by urban sociology and urban planning.
The term Region covers in principle local authorities immediately below the level of central government, with a political power of representation embodied by an elected regional Assembly. The same territory may be directly represented in the Council by one entity only.

  • Admission Procedure

The Governing Board decides to accept new members. In its decision, the Governing Board shall take into account, as appropriate, the internal particularities of each state.
The General Assembly ratifies the Governing Board’s decision concerning the admission of new members. Whilst waiting for the ratification of the General Assembly, the Cities, the Regions, groups of Cities or Regions within a state or interregional associations who are candidates may participate in the work of the Council as observers.

  • How to become a CODCR member:
• Make an official request for membership! Fill out the membership form, which details our work areas you are most interested in and send it back to the General Secretariat

• Once you have been accepted by the CODCR Governing Board, you are free to participate as an observer in all of our activities

• According to our Statutes, your application will be ratified by our General Assembly, which usually takes place every two years.

For further information, do not hesitate to contact the CODCR General Secretariat (CODCR General Secretariat)