Ministerial Conference on combating terrorism in the Danube region – Sofia-Bulgaria, 21-22 January 2016

The Ministers responsible for Home Affairs and authorized representatives of the respective Ministries of the Danube Region countries took part in the Ministerial Conference on Combating Terrorism in the Danube Region.

 Reiterating the decision from the Danube Security Conference in May 2013 to continue the active work on the main thematic areas for cooperation, while staying flexible and adjusting to the current challenges and needs in the area of security, the Ministers agreed that the common preventive capacity of the Danube Region should be strengthened through coordination of the national prevention strategies, regular exchange of experience and best practices and joint specialized training of experts where possible. To this end, the Ministers tasked their experts to consult further and propose specific common initiatives on countering terrorism in the Danube Region.

 In view of efficient counteraction to terrorism, the Ministers reiterated the commitment to enhance further the exchange of information and intelligence between the competent authorities of their countries.

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