Official Visit of Sorin Oprescu, Mayor of Bucharest, to Copenhagen, May 22-25, 2013


Following the invitation of the Mayor of Copenhagen and Chairman of the Danish capital’s Regional Council, Vibeke Storm Rasmussen, the Mayor of Bucharest, Sorin Oprescu, made an official visit to the Danish capital in order to discuss the opportunities of developing projects on infrastructure, environmental protection, traffic planning as well as health-care projects.

‘We have made up our minds to go and get these funds. All the steps that have been taken in the past few months were accompanied by explanations, by our attending these meetings of the European committees and we have found, to our surprise and bitterness, that so far the capitals of European countries have not been considered too often, but that there has been a revival in the thought of the people in Brussels,’ said Oprescu. 

In this respect the General Mayor said that he intended to build, among other things, a multipurpose hall seating 2,500, a concert hall up to European standards, an athletics stadium in the Lia Manoliu Park and an Olympic swimming pool. 

As for financing the projects that are being carried out this year, Sorin Oprescu said that there was money for finishing the Mihai Bravu-Vacaresti subway, for the joint participation in the Oltenitei underpass, for making the A1 motorway enter Bucharest and next year, for the underpass at Casa Presei Libere.

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