Science, Innovation, Education Get-Together towards Competitiveness of Tomorrow

Stuttgart, September 27, 2012

Workshop on developing and using synergies by linking actions of Priority Areas 7, 8 and 9

Research and innovation are key drivers of competitiveness. Three priority areas of Danube Strategy are directly responsible for a functioning and successful innovation process. Priority Area 7 takes care about the research sector. Implementation of actions in PA7 will result in strong offers of technologies, scientific results and knowledge. For economic growth the business sector has to be beneficiary of such offer. PA8 ensure that enterprises in Danube region understand the need of innovation and develop demand on technologies. Enterprises will get access to market oriented technologies and will be able to translate them into innovation. Both research sector and the business sector need highly qualified scientists, engineers and skilled workers. PA 9 is faced to the challenge of preparing human resources according current and future needs.
The workshop represented the first dialogue across priority areas with a clear focus on linking actions and projects of PA 7, 8 and 9 by addressing the following topics: the current status of actions in PAs and their relevant work groups, matching-up roadmaps, identifying feasible and suitable interactions, exchanging experiences in work of Steering Groups and Work Groups, developing support on flagship projects across priority areas and generating additional projects.
The participants had the opportunity to visit Steinbeis-Day on September 28 and to acknowledge best practice in technology transfer and innovation; success stories and benchmarks.




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