Direct Services

1. Operational & Technical Support

CODCR General Secretariat offers a variety of trainings and consultation services to its member cities and regions. These trainings are envisioned to empower local government units, local stakeholders and people in the community on the concepts, principles, applications and models for sustainable development and especially on integrated management. These trainings can serve as a venue for sharing experiences and developing new cooperation.

  • Good Practices Database

Good Practices are actions, mechanisms or methods that provide positive results for a specific objective. In a Good Practice something new and different has been implemented. This can be new or different solutions to existing ones. Solutions can be completely new or incorporated by transference from other contexts. The CODCR will develop a database in order to respond to the need of local authorities to find practical examples complemented with suitable tools. The practices will cover sustainable development in cities including all topics from transport to health and from social aspects to economic instruments. These practices will be inserted by active cities themselves or identified from different sources. The database will be for the cities and from the cities! Every city shall be able to share their own experiences through inserting their own cases.

  • Sustainable Development Survey

The CODCR will put in place different types of surveys, to be made in cooperation with research institutions, in order to evaluate the progress related to sustainable cities.

  • Trainings
• Integrated Management System training will give the participants basic abilities to apply and develop an integrated management system for sustainability and/or climate change response in their city; can be provided also as facilitation service to give external support and view to the work being done.

• In the Stakeholder involvement training the participants will be trained to analyze stakeholders and to plan and follow through the stakeholder process.

• Peer review training will familiarize the participants with using peer review as a method for external evaluation in cooperation between cities, e. g. in climate work, traffic planning, and environmental management systems.

• Project preparation training will include the entire process of preparing a project, starting with the project idea and ending with a completed project application, with practical examples and exercises. In the training, certain steps of this process will be emphasized according to the needs of the client.

  • Consultation services
• Consultation for project preparation to further develop the project idea or concept of a client. In the consultation, the right funding source and partners are identified and the client shall be supported in the process of drafting the project application and budgeting.
  • Danube Cities and Regions Bulletin

Published twice a year, the bulletin will cover various topics of interest for the cities and regions in the Danube Region.

2. International Relations

3. Communication and Image

4. Legal Affairs

5. Finance & Administration