The 3rd Meeting of the EUSDR NCPs-PACs

Brussels, January 31, 2013

On 31 January 2013, representatives of the European Commission, the National Contact Points (NCP) and the Priority Area Coordinators (PAC) met in Brussels, under the EUSDR’s umbrella.

Previously, the High Level Groups of the Danube Strategy and for the Baltic Strategy (HLG-EUSBSR & EUSDR) had met in order to discuss about the preparation of the future programming period 2014-2020, through the integration of the objectives of the macro-regional strategies into the Partnership Agreements and the Operational Programmes and the evaluation of the added value of the macro-regional strategies (June 2013).

The NCP-PACs meeting focused on funding opportunities for the Danube Strategy, through the integration of its objectives into the programming documents, thus setting up the national priorities for funding in the framework of the cohesion policy – the Partnership Agreements between Member States and the European Commission / DG Regio, as well as in the framework of the national operational programmes.

The European Commission / DG Regio presented the programming process for the Danube programme, underlying the necessity to create a task force made up of the NCPs, PACs and the representatives of the management authorities in order to establish the working procedures and to start up the construction of the programme.

The discussions also insisted on the necessity of an integrated approach, interlinking the horizontal priorities of the Danube Strategy, which would facilitate the access to funding sources in the framework of thematic calls (particularly for the research/innovation area).

A meeting with representatives of the EUSDR and the representatives of the European funds and the management authorities of the Operational Programmes was also discussed. This meeting will be organized by the the European Commission / DG Regio, INTERACT and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania, in Bucharest, in April 2013.

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