The EU Strategy for the Danube Region Opportunities and Perspectives

STUTTGART, July 7, 2011

Doru Costea
State Secretary for Global Affairs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The potential for economic cooperation in the region is huge, and has been only partly addressed. The Strategy offers an opportunity for both the public and the private sector to take up new responsibilities in the sustainable development of the region, by integrating the regional dimension into their policies and business plans. It is essential to identify feasible projects, to establish cooperative mechanisms of co-ordination for their financing and implementation and to encourage the development of public-private partnerships in key areas. Further improvements of the investment climate and, more generally, the promotion of a dynamic private sector, are essential for fostering economic development.

Moreover, we can also use the Danube Strategy to implement the long searched for reconciliation between the requirements of economic development and the need to protect the environment and its biodiversity. And we can do this successfully through new technologies, through stimulating the region’s innovative potential and creativity. Our economies have to be green, from planning to implementation.

We have to promote common projects on modernizing the navigation on the Danube, keeping in mind the need to intensify cooperation on environment aspects. We also have to develop renewable energy and preserve biodiversity. As regards research and development, the main challenge is to stimulate private investments in research.




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