Working Visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania to Ulm


February 6, 2011

On 6 February 2011, Minister of Foreign Affairs Teodor Baconschi had a meeting with the Mayor of Ulm, Ivo Gönner.

Discussions focused on the EU Strategy for the Danube region, taking into account the converging interests of Romania and the Baden-Württemberg state to promote this regional cooperation initiative at European level. Minister Baconschi and the Mayor of Ulm encouraged the business communities of the two countries to diversify their business contacts so they could make the best of the opportunities provided by the Strategy.

Teodor Baconschi
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania
I am glad to see that after it separated Europe in two, the Danube again unites the Black Forest and the Black Sea, Ulm and Sulina. We must now find the adequate means that the EU Strategy for the Danube Region can become a real success. We need constant dialogue among the governmental, local and regional authorities, the business environment as well as the civil society. Here is why, after Brussels and Bucharest, I am in Ulm to take part for the third time this week in an event devoted to the Danube Strategy.The Danube may turn into a business engine for Central Europe. Having this goal in view, we organized an economic forum in partnership with the Steinbeis Foundation of Baden–Württemberg, in Bucharest last year, devoted to the business environment in the countries on both sides of the River Danube. We organize two similar business events this year as well, therefore we count on substantial participation by the Baden-Württemberg state.


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